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Georgetown Frame Shoppe, established in 1989 in Washington, DC, is a leading fine art print dealer. We specialize in buying and selling works on paper by Contemporary and Modern Masters.

Our collection of lithographs, etchings and linocuts emphasizes artists such as Pierre Auguste Renoir, Henri Matisse, Andy Warhol, Marc Chagall, Pablo Picasso, Mary Cassatt, Joan Miro, Alexander Calder, Francisco Goya, Roy Lichtenstein, and Bernard Buffet. Please feel free to call or email us for further information and pricing.

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  • Andy Warhol Santa Claus

     Andy Warhol loved everything Pop, and Christmas is the most Pop thing there is. Christmas is at once materialistic and universal, but also emphasizes friendship, family and connection. People who knew Warhol testify to his generosity in giving well-chosen Christmas gifts. 

    He believed in the American Christmas, just as he believed in Elvis and Marilyn. In Myths, he portrays 10 American icons of the supernatural and the superhuman. Together with the Wicked Witch of the West, Uncle Sam, Dracula and Mickey Mouse, there is Santa Claus. Warhol’s Santa is reminiscent of the Santa’s of Norman Rockwell, the most successful American artist during his childhood. 

    Myths captures the modern imagination and portray America’s powerful and enchanted past. The Characters of myths have a strong, sometimes unpleasant persona and they are distinctly separated from reality. It has been said that Warhol considered each of these characters to be facets of his personality.

    Santa Claus is an original screenprint on Lenox museum board and is signed in pencil. Please Contact the Gallery for more information about Santa Claus, the Myths portfolio or Andy Warhol. SOLD.

  • Andy Warhol Magazine and History

    Andy Warhol's  Magazine and History embodies the pattern of influence and shared culture that emerged in the 60’s. BUNTE, the featured German celebrity, gossip and news magazine, credited Warhol’s work as the influence for their modern appearance. Andy Warhol in turn, was inspired by their ability to command attention by the use of imagery and sensationalist captions. 

    Bunte, the German word for colorful, is a very fitting subject to be reinterpreted once more by Warhol. This striking screenprint, originally created as a corporate gift, features 24 title pages from the magazine. Warhol created pieces like Magazine and History and Marilyn Monroe I Love Your Kiss Forever Forever, to mirror the repetitive, attention-commanding nature of American media.

    Magazine and History is hand signed in pencil. Please contact the gallery for more information about Magazine and History or Andy Warhol. $8,000 Framed

  • Pablo Picasso (after) Portrait of a Girl (Maya in a Pinafore)

    We are pleased to offer Portrait of a Girl (Maya in a Pinafore) by Pablo Picasso (after). This portrait features Picasso and Marie-Therese Walter’s daughter, María de la Concepción, called Maya. A playful, childlike nostalgia is evoked with this work, that also captures a time in Picasso’s life in which he was deeply inspired by his own family.

    Affectionately, he made realistic drawings of Maya as a baby. His oil paintings of Maya mark a lightness that co-exist with very different works of that time. In the ‘30s dark imagery appears in response to the Spanish Civil War. Meanwhile, his portraits of Maya are full of a childlike pleasure.

    Portrait of a Girl (Maya in a Pinafore) depicts his daughter at 3 years of age. The colors in this work are incredibly vibrant combinations that merely enhance and divulge Maya’s own personal character and innocence.

    Based on an original oil work dating to 1938, this work has been printed by Fernand Mourlot under the supervision of Pablo Picasso. It is hand signed by Pablo Picasso in pencil in the lower right margin. For more information about Picasso or Portrait of a Girl (Maya in a Pinafore), please contact the gallery. SOLD

  • Alex Katz Gray Ribbon

    Gray Ribbon contains all the quintessential elements of an Alex Katz work; flat, monochromatic backgrounds, flat figures and faces rendered in bold lines, and Ada. For almost fifty years, the American painter and printmaker has created a series of portraits of his wife, Ada. Art historian Irving Sandler wrote in 1998, Ada “is woman, wife, mother, muse, model, sociable hostess, myth, icon, and New York goddess.” 

     Ada told the New York Times, “The thing I do remember from when we met is that I was sitting with my hands in my lap, and this guy that I was interested in was looking at my eyes, my ears, my shoulders. The whole thing was just very sensual. And I didn’t think I could handle it. But then it became just this thing that he did. I was sitting and he was painting, and that was it.”

    Although the general public sees Alex Katz as a pop artist, he does not consider himself to be one. Rather than emanating from a graphic implementation, such as that which pervades the works of Robert Indiana or Roy Lichtenstein for example, his images always emanate from painting. Painting from life remains a staple of his practices today. For more information about Katz or Gray Ribbon, please contact the gallery. $5,000.00