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Georgetown Frame Shoppe, established in 1989 in Washington, DC, is a leading fine art print dealer. We specialize in buying and selling works on paper by Contemporary and Modern Masters.

Our collection of lithographs, etchings and linocuts emphasizes artists such as Pierre Auguste Renoir, Henri Matisse, Andy Warhol, Marc Chagall, Pablo Picasso, Mary Cassatt, Joan Miro, Alexander Calder, Francisco Goya, Roy Lichtenstein, and Bernard Buffet. Please feel free to call or email us for further information and pricing.

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  • Pablo Picasso Old Sculptor at Work II (Vieux Sculpteur au Travail II)

    Pablo Picasso’s artwork was always changing to include the influence of world events and his ever shifting cultural and artistic interests. The advent of World War I changed the world, and the world of art. Likewise, Picasso’s work started becoming more realistic, with darker colors, and was influenced by classical Greek and Roman art. These influences are seen in the original etching Old Sculptor at Work II (Vieux Sculpteur au Travail II).

    Another influence on Old Sculptor at Work II (Vieux Sculpteur au Travail II) was his collaboration with Spanish sculptor Julio Gonzalez. Until shortly before their collaboration, Picasso had made virtually no sculpture since his Cubist relief images 15 years prior to the first World War. In the course of working with Gonzalez, however, Picasso again became a sculptor. 

    Although involved in various artistic enterprises since early youth, Gonzalez did not reach artistic maturity until the age of 52 when the chance collaboration with Pablo Picasso revealed his distinguished talent. The sculptor in Old Sculptor at Work II (Vieux Sculpteur au Travail II) may or may not be created directly in Julio Gonzalez’s image, but the collaboration between the two artists made a significant impact on Picasso’s future inclusion of sculpture in his practice. The combination of Picasso's passion for classical period art and the reigniting of his interest in sculpture lead to the creation of this powerful and compelling original etching. 

    Old Sculptor at Work II (Vieux Sculpteur au Travail II) (1933) from the La Suite Vollard portfolio is an original etching on Montval paper referenced in Bloch 157, Baer 311. Old Sculptor at Work II (Vieux Sculpteur au Travail II) is hand signed in pencil and is an edition of 260. For more information about Pablo Picasso or Old Sculptor at Work II (Vieux Sculpteur au Travail II) please contact the gallery. $13,995 framed.


  • Banksy Morons

    Morons is one of Banksy’s most scathing attacks on the extraordinarily high prices his, and many other artists, artworks generate. The day after three Banksy works sold, all of which soared above their auction estimates and into the six figures, the elusive and anonymous British graffiti artist updated his website with an image of an auction house. It featured an auctioneer presiding over a crowd of rapt bidders, with the caption “I can’t believe you morons actually buy this shit.”

    In the years since, Banksy has continued to make his feeling on the commercialism of his art exceedingly clear. His website states that the authentication process for works found on the street is "lengthy and challenging", as many pieces "are created in an advanced state of intoxication." As for legitimately buying a work from the artist - forget about it. Pest Control states that there is currently "something/nothing available.”

    Banksy has said "Commercial success is a mark of failure for a graffiti artist," and "We're not supposed to be embraced in that way." He continues to believe that "When graffiti isn't criminal, it loses most of its innocence." This is an ongoing controversy in the art world, with many artists being seen as "sell-outs" when they embrace the mainstream art world success. Banksy's establishment of representatives and liaisons for points of sale of his work has furthered this controversy. However, many other street artists (including equally famous Shepard Fairey) argue that they use this legitimate income to fund further illicit, unsanctioned guerrilla art.

    Morons is an original screenprint on wove paper created in 2007. This screenprint is the UK edition and an edition of 219/500. Morons is signed in the screen. For more information about Banksy or Morons, please contact the gallery. SOLD.

  • Joan Miro Le Presidente

    Born during the Catalan independence movement, Joan Miro was instilled with a deep-rooted sense of the possibilities of liberty. In a 1936 interview, with the Spanish civil war a looming reality, he spoke of the need to "resist all societies... if the aim is to impose their demands on us". The word "freedom has meaning for me," he said, "and I will defend it at any cost.” He expressed his support for Catalan independence in 1938 via the Serie Noire Et Rouge (The Black and Red Series).

    For the rest of his life, Miro experienced the political turbulence of Europe during the 20th century. Miro's instinct for political engagement, though heartfelt and full of risk, often lay in these gestures of withdrawal, of self-defence. As he was escaping the occupation of France, he snuck the new Constellations Portfolio under his arm as he caught the last train to Spain. The portfolio was secretly mailed to America and inspired what would become Abstract Expressionism.

    The return to Spain however, was not an escape from danger. Francisco Franco reigned as dictator of the country from 1939-1975. With the student uprising in Paris in 1968, Miro hoped to bring more of the spirit of rebellion home. At the age of 75 he hurled his paint at the canvas as a shared act of defiance. This original lithograph Le Presidente  is a continuation of Miro’s subtle fight for freedom. The connection between these events lay in the title. “Le” is French while “Presidente” is Spanish. The expressive and energetic scribbled lines add a new sense of urgency to Miro’s signature symbols and colors. 

    Le Presidente by Joan Miro is an original lithograph created in 1970. Le Presidente is signed in pencil and is an edition of 53 of 75. For more information about Joan Miró or Le Presidente, please contact the gallery. $8,995 framed.

  • Andy Warhol Sitting Bull

    Andy Warhol created Sitting Bull and the Cowboys and Indians portfolio in 1986. This suite is one of Warhol's last works, created just one year before his death in 1987. Cowboys and Indians is often included in retrospective exhibitions that trace the evolution of Warhol’s career from his breakthrough Campbell’s Soup through his final portfolios. 

    Although by the late 1960s the sanctity of the Western hero as an allegory for the heroism of America was eroding, that hero still manifested itself in the attitudes of a generation of young men who grew up watching Westerns. The Cowboys and Indians portfolio features well-known figures: John Wayne and Teddy Roosevelt -- who are not so much "cowboys" as American heroes, as well as less familiar images of Native Americans.

    Sitting Bull is based on a archival photo of the famous warrior and Sioux Chief. Originally conceived as part of the portfolio Cowboys and Indians, Sitting Bull was not included in the last minute and replaced with Geranimo. That doesn’t prevent this original screenprint from being a favorite of Warhol’s prints and portrayals of Native Americans. Sitting Bull forces us to question our notions of the "hero" and "heroine" of the American West and to ponder their relationship to the voiceless heroes of our Native American past.

    Sitting Bull (1986) is an original screenprint on Lenox Museum Board and is referenced in Feldman IIIA.70. Sitting Bull is from the regular edition, which is unsigned and unnumbered. It is stamped by the Andy Warhol Art Authentication Board and the Estate of Andy Warhol on the verso. It relates to Sitting Bull from the trail proof prints. For more information about Andy Warhol or Sitting Bull please contact the gallery. $34,995 unframed.