Saul Steinberg Derriere Le Miroir #205

Artist: Saul Steinberg
Medium: Lithograph
Portfolio: Derriere Le Miroir #205
Year: 1973
Edition: 42/150
Framed Size: 32" x 25"
Sheet Size: 22" x 15"

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Saul Steinberg Derriere Le Miroir #205

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Artist Biography

Saul Steinberg (1914-1999) was a renowned American artist, best known for his artwork that appeared in the New Yorker for almost six decades. Born in Romania, Steinberg initially studied philosophy at the University of Bucharest; after a year, however, he transferred to the Politecnico in Milan for architecture, and graduated in 1940. In 1941, anti-Semitic laws in Fascist Italy forced him to leave. Steinberg began publishing regularly for The New Yorker in 1941 while waiting for his US visa in Santo Domingo. By the end of his career, Steinberg had created 90 covers and more than 1,000 drawing for the New Yorker; he is perhaps best known for View of the World from 9th Ave. His characteristic style combined his European training in art and cartoon drawing, and is evident in the range of media that he experimented with. Following Steinberg’s death in 1999, the Saul Steinberg Foundation was formed to further promote scholarship of the influential artist’s life and work. Today, Saul Steinberg’s work can be seen in museums such as The Whitney Museum of American Art, The National Gallery in DC, MoMA, The Met, and the Art Institute of Chicago, and many more.